Empower your PSE energy data with EnergyCAP®

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) has partnered with the energy management software experts at EnergyCAP to provide PSE customers and property management professionals with a robust suite of data resources to help you manage your energy portfolio. EnergyCAP replaces two retiring PSE data resources: MyData and MyDataManager.

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® users can use EnergyCAP to connect to their Portfolio Manager account to enable automatic data flow from PSE into Portfolio Manager.

Commercial customers can access their daily, invoice and interval data streams, as well as reporting and analytics functionality.

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What can EnergyCAP do for you?

Connect with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for:

  • City of Seattle Energy Benchmarking Ordinance compliance resources
  • Washington State Clean Buildings Act [HB1257] compliance resources

Data resources for commercial customers:

  • View and download daily, invoice, and interval data
  • Dial in your reporting at the building, account, or meter level
  • Benchmark your buildings using EnergyCAP's Cost Avoidance analysis tools
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Have questions about EnergyCAP and how to sign up? PSE has EnergyCAP System Administrators ready to help.


Welcome to PSE’s new EnergyCAP® website

We set up online EnergyCAP training modules for some of the most common features of this software, including how to add properties and addresses, link an account and building, and aggregate meters.

If you didn’t complete the Share Forward process, you can still connect your account by sending a connection request via ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. Download the instructions below for step-by-step directions to send a connection request.