Access to private property

In order to provide you with electric and natural gas service, Puget Sound Energy may need easements to access private property. An easement secures our long-term ability to access the property, operate our facilities, manage vegetation and make future system improvements to keep power and natural gas flowing to our customers.


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A Property Owner’s Guide to Easements for Utility System Improvements

Some PSE facilities may not fit in public rights-of-way. One of our Right of Way agents will work with you if we need an easement on property you own. Download a copy of the brochure to learn about your rights, what to expect, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

A Property Owner’s Guide to Easements for New Services

An easement may be required for PSE to provide service to your property. It is your responsibility to obtain any required easements, but we can help. This guide outlines the process and addresses frequently asked questions. Download a copy.

A Property Owners Guide to Consents for Use Within PSE Easements

Keeping easement areas clear of incompatible uses is a shared responsibility between PSE and the property owner. Incompatible uses in our easement areas are considered encroachments. Safety is our primary objective. Download a copy of the brochure to learn more.

Request forms

You can request consent to make improvements in an existing easement area, or request release of part or all of an existing easement you may think is not in use.

Structures and equipment

Visit our Structures & Equipment photo glossary to see the various types of underground, overhead and transmission line structures that may be used in an easement .