Industrial Strategic Energy Management

Build a trained energy team, earn incentives

Our Industrial Strategic Energy Management (ISEM) program provides the training and tools you need to develop your own on-site energy-management team, as well as incentives for energy savings and achievement of program milestones. It's a holistic, cohort-based program focused on organizational culture and employee engagement with an emphasis on low- and no-cost projects.

Case studies

Check out the carousel at the bottom of this page to see more case study videos. You can also read even more in our case study library about the successes our ISEM customers have had.

Puyallup Water Pollution Control Plant

Since joining PSE’s ISEM program in early 2021, Puyallup Water Pollution Control Plant has cut more than $50,000 of annual energy costs with low- and no-cost changes they learned in a cohort with industry peers.

What you get

If you qualify for our ISEM program, you’ll receive:

  • Training through five or six workshops for an energy team comprised of employees from different groups at your organization.
  • An onsite energy assessment event to identify energy-saving opportunities, including engineering support from PSE.
  • Energy performance tracking tools to track progress and document savings at your site.
  • An organizational energy-management assessment to understand where your organization is in its energy-management process and where improvements can be made to sustain strategic energy management at your site.
  • Annual incentives over three performance years for verified site-level energy savings associated with process improvements, behavioral changes, and operations and management changes implemented throughout your industrial site. We also offer two milestone incentives for achieving key program criteria. Current incentive rates are listed below.

Year 1 incentive schedule
Performance incentive
Electric$0.04 per kWh saved
Natural gas$0.64 per therm saved
RebateUp to $50,000

Milestone incentive #1
Earn this one-time incentive when your business provides production data needed to develop a site energy model.

Milestone incentive #2
Earn this one-time incentive when you demonstrate employee engagement efforts and start working on energy-saving measures.

Year 2 and 3 incentive schedule
Performance incentive
Electric$0.04 per kWh saved
Natural gas$0.64per therm saved
RebateUp to $50,000

How you qualify

To be eligible for our ISEM program:

  • Your business site must be within PSE's electric and/or gas service area.
  • Your business site must be considered industrial, which often (but not always) means either: the majority of its electric load is associated with processing or manufacturing; or, its subsystems maintain long run-hours, rely on industry-standard technology, and keep relatively stable control set points and loads.
  • Sites whose principal use is office or retail are almost always not eligible for this program.
  • Buildings targeted in your ISEM portfolio must collectively use greater than 3,000,000 kWh or 150,000 therms (or a combination of both) annually.
  • You must assign and commit existing staff members as your executive sponsor, energy champion and data lead. These people form the core energy team at the site and act as liaisons between your business and PSE. This team is responsible for completing program deliverables and tasks, communicating energy-saving initiatives to your staff, and managing your site's energy bills.

How you apply

To get pre-approved, complete the online custom grant application.

Questions? Get in touch with us at

business energy resources
Ask a program manager

For personalized advice, contact an Energy Advisor.

Or call 1-800-562-1482.

Case studies

Conagra Brands: Read how this manufacturing facility got employees on board to help trim $36k in energy costs.

Puyallup WPCP: See how a wastewater treatment plant in Puyallup saved more than $50k in energy costs.